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Pavel Dowl Dolgov

Pavel Dowl Dolgov

mixing & mastering engineer, producer, musician

More than ten years of experience, and the quality of my work speaks for itself.

Don't like half results, putting the bar very high. Provide muliple services in complex, to be sure that proper attention to quality was given on each stage.

Love music and love people.

My works


«Lonely Man»


«Take the Moment»


Зелёная Пинта




Вниз и Прямо
«Наш Снег»


Иван Зубарев

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My services




Advise on recording, mixing, hardware setup and wiring.
Can answer questions like:

  • How to make a quality record at home? (equipment, software, knowledge)
  • How to improve your arrangement? (to sound professional, to hook)
  • How to grow and develop if you're ambitious musician?
  • Any questions on my services.

Feel free to write where you feel comfortable: email, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, VK.

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Mixing & mastering

Standard price is 150 $ for one song. It includes:

  • Professional grade mixing:
    • tuning vocals,
    • aligning to the grid,
    • correction of deficiencies in the record,
    • console emulation.
    Each mix is unique, no templates and standard solutions!

  • Mastering in two master tracks:
    1. for mp3 players, CDs, social media;
    2. for iTunes, Youtube, Spotify, SoundCloud and other services that use Replay Gain technology.
    The master tracks are available in wav (44 кГц, 16/24 бита) and mp3 (320 кб/с CBR).
    Any other on demand.


  • If your project is simple
    (not more than 8 tracks).
  • If you order more than three songs.
  • If you're a music student and need a record for educational purposes.
  • If you're a very good person, and I like your music very much.

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Producing & arrangement

price depends on your needs
  • Creating the unique arrangement for your song from scratch.
  • Adjustments for the existing work.
  • Performance by professional musicians.

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Recent testimonials


Honda Band
Our rock band likes to work with Pavel because he really is hearing, he knows the equipment and he is very responsible. […] Sound designer and sound engineer is a major member of the musical collective. Because he hears your music in a way others will hear it. And Pavel is very good at it. That's why it is always pleasing to work with him.


I am musician for a very long time, but so far in my lifetime I've never met more competent sound engineer in our city, which would be so much endowed with musical feel backed by real technical knowledge.


Pavel well done! I’m happy with the work. Given the very moderate price tag, he worked quickly. He made everything in accordance with our wishes to balance and sound of instruments. In the end we got a decent record, and in a relatively short time.

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